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Located on the right-hand side of the lagoon, our Surf Academy is the home of our Surfing Victoria accredited surf school and high-performance training academy. Whether you’re just starting out, training for your next surf trip, or preparing for your next competition, URBNSURF’s here to help.

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Learn To Surf Beginner

Designed for new surfers who want to learn!

The Bays offer gentle waves in a safe, controlled environment for all ages and abilities to learn to surf.

With the help of our friendly, expert coaches, you’ll be up and riding – fast – and sharing the stoke with your family and friends.

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Learn To Surf Beginner Progressive

Designed for beginner surfers who have already completed a Learn To Surf Beginner Lesson, and want to progress to surfing at The Point.

With a maximum of 8 participants per instructor, you’ll learn paddling, catching whitewater waves, popping up, and turning left and right.

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Roller Lesson

Make the transition from The Bays to The Point with a Roller Lesson.

The ‘Roller’ Wave type is designed for surfers who want to move past the ‘Beginner Progressive’ lesson and start their transition out to the point. Great also for those who have found the Cruiser wave take off a little too steep. Perfect for those who want to improve their pop up, paddle strength and technique.

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Cruiser Lessons

Designed for novice surfers who want looking to progress their surfing, our Cruiser Lessons are held during Cruiser Sessions at The Point.

With a maximum of 6 participants per instructor, you’ll learn how to take off on greenwater waves, trim and straighten out, and be introduced to bottom turns and cutbacks.

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Progressive Turns Lessons

Designed for surfers who feel comfortable on the Cruiser setting and are looking to refine their surfing and work up towards Intermediate and beyond.
With a maximum of 6 participants per instructor, you’ll work and refine your technique to execute consistent turns and begin mastering progressive sections of the wave.

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Intermediate Lessons

Designed for intermediate surfers who want to enhance aspects of their surfing style and technique, and master the fundamental building blocks of performance surfing.

Held during Intermediate Sessions at The Point with a maximum of 6 participants per instructor, you’ll focus on developing wave entry and speed generation skills, and improving your turns, snaps and cutbacks.

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Advanced Turns Lessons

Designed for Advanced surfers who confidently perform a range of major maneuvers and will be introduced to variation in turn length, type and timing and when to apply them.
Held during Advanced Turns sessions at The Point with a maximum of 6 participants per instructor. Guests will be introduced to the execution of a planned sequence of major maneuvers with increased intensity, control and speed.

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Surf In The Bays

A fun surfing experience, in a safe environment!

These surf sessions are a great way for you to go solo and build confidence in the white water, as well as practice  your positioning on the board. Surf In The Bays is also perfect for practicing what you recently learned from your Beginner Lesson and continuing to practice your positioning on your board.

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Boog In The Bays

Perfect for a first timer that isn’t quite ready to give surfing a crack and wants to get used to catching waves. If you want some guaranteed fun, catching white water waves on a bodyboard then this is the session for you!

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URBNSURF Surf Academy Online

All you need is a video of you surfing at URBNSURF or catching a few waves at the beach!

As part of the URBNSURF Surf Academy Online, online video analysis allows you to break down your movements frame by frame, identify areas for improvement, and set specific goals for progress. By tracking your progress over time, you can see measurable improvements in your technique and stay motivated to continue your training and development.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, video analysis can take your surfing to the next level.

Click and submit a video clip for review by the URBNSURF senior surf coaching team.

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