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Surfing looks good on you!

Whether you are hitting The Point for some barrels, ready to stand up during your first ever lesson or are generally hooked on surfing – we’re stoked to welcome you to URBNSURF Melbourne.
Come for the endless chord, stay for the sun, eats, thrills, crew and lap up the turquoise oasis.

The ultimate surfers’ playground, where you can score perfect ocean-like waves, all day, all night.

Stoke In The Bays

URBNSURF Melbourne offers perfect ocean-like, safe, gentle, rolling crystal-blue white water waves.
With personable and tailored guidance from our epic Surf Coaches, we’ll accelerate your intro into surfing!

Our current Bays Offering’s out laid out below, we have got you sorted!

Beginner Progressive
Surf In The Bays
Boog In The Bays

You’ll be having an absolute time in The Bays while surfers ride endless perfect waves at the back.

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Cruise Into It

Our Cruiser and Progressive Turns wave settings allow you to master the fundamentals on these agile, glider waves.

The perfect environment to increase confidence, practice simple trimming or play with side stepping and nose riding.

Keen for a lesson?
We’ll teach you how to correctly take off on greenwater waves, trim and straighten out, and be introduced to bottom turns and cutbacks.

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Point Sessions

Looking to thread some perfect barrels and carve high-octane turns, or are you about to have your first crack on The Point with Cruiser? Either way we’ve got the line-up dialled for you.

With six different wave settings, URBNSURF offers perfect, ocean-like waves for all abilities and a pathway to accelerate your progression.

  • Roller Lesson (New!)
  • Cruiser
  • Progressive Turns
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Advanced Turns
  • Expert

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Private and Group Point Coaching

Private and Group Point coaching sessions at URBNSURF offer tailored instruction and expert guidance to surfers of all levels.

Private coaching provides individualised attention, allowing for focused skill development and rapid progress.Or perhaps a Group Point lesson is more your jam, fostering a dynamic learning environment where surfers can learn from each other, share experiences, and motivate one another!

Whether opting for one-on-one instruction or joining a group session, surfers benefit from personalised feedback, targeted exercises, and a supportive community, all of which enhance their skills and enjoyment on the waves at URBNSURF and out in the ocean.

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Video Analysis

Submit a video of your surfing at URBNSURF or catching waves at the beach to access the URBNSURF Surf Academy Online. (*Hint, using URBNSURF Clips by Flowstate is fast and hassle free!)

Through online video analysis, we break down your movements, set goals, and track your progress, advancing your technique to stay motivated. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, take advantage of this tool to elevate your surfing skills with feedback from the URBNSURF senior surf coaching team!

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Land Based Surf Training

Surfskate is the perfect coupling to take your progress to new heights where you’ll learn to simulate essential surfing movements even when you’re away from the water or between sessions.

By utilising specialised surfskate boards that closely mimic the motions of surfing, you can maximize the number of repetitions during each training session, refining your skills on land and reaping the rewards in the water.

Get amongst it!


Three Blue Ducks

Heart Warming Meals with a View To Match

Discover plenty of smoky flavors and enjoy fresh, locally-sourced produce from the kitchen, rotisserie and charcoal pit.

Whether you want to stay for a long lunch post-surf, or drop in for a crisp beverage next to the open fire, The Ducks is a vibe.

Don’t have time for a sit-down meal? There’s grab-and-go options available too from the takeaway section.
Great news folks, the Ducks have set up QR codes around the park so you can order tasty food & beverage from the comfort of your wave pool… Whether it’s a pre-surf burger or a warm cuppa for those on the sidelines, collect your treats from the restaurant & enjoy in the park!

Three Blue Ducks

Lagoon Supply Co

Forgot Your Wax? Want to dial your get-up?

We’ve got you sorted with all of your surfing needs at Lagoon Supply Co!

Drop in to Lagoon Supply Co on your next surf mission, or peruse the gear online anytime, anywhere.

Drop in to Lagoon Supply Co on your next surf mission, or purchase the gear online anytime, anywhere.

Lagoon Supply Co.

URBNSURF Clips by Flowstate

Track your progress by checking out your clips within minutes of your surf!

URBNSURF Clips by Flowstate captures every wave of every session, ready for you to download and view.

Cheeky reminder! You can watch your Flowstate Clips at Three Blue Ducks after your session on the big screen in the main dining area!
Sit back with a steaming hot coffee and a delicious oven-baked golden pastry and enjoy.

Watch your clips!

Hot Tub Post-Surf Debrief?

Our steaming Hot Tub’s await you!

Relax, unwind, chat about that exhilarating tube ride or the constant laughs emanating from the session of first time pop ups.
We have two Hot Tub’s. each located on the Left and Right sides of the Lagoon.

Surf, Hot Tub, Coffee. The ultimate combo!


The Court is the surfing hub!

With freshly laid AstroTurf, this area serves as a location for live music and bespoke events, corporate functions, private hire and an area that surfers and guests flock to.
A place to wax your board up, kick the footy, bask in the sunshine or eat your takeaway Three Blue Ducks feed, it’s a multi purpose space designed for chillin!

This space can be privately hired out which includes the private lawn area, board and wetsuit racks, lounge furniture and incredible views of the surfing action.

Something we can help you with? Need help?

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