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Learn more about our new surf experiences and events, which we’ve designed to keep your stoke levels high at URBNSURF Melbourne.

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Boogie Nights

A session dedicated to our frothing Bodyboard Community!

In partnership with Bodyboarding Victoria, this is your night to get together and enjoy non-stop barrels and get slotted on the boog.

Check out the below dates and lock it in!

Wednesdays – Expert
June 1st 4pm
June 22nd 8pm


EON Charge EV Charger Installation

Join us at URBNSURF to embrace the wave of eco-consciousness!

We’re still humming from the installation of EON Charge EV charger at URBNSURF Melbourne earlier in the year, allowing Guests to secure a rockstar parking space while powering up their ride as they enjoy non-stop perfect waves in the lagoon.

This is the future! From the moment you embark on your journey to surf checks at your local Melbourne Point Break, URBNSURF.

And if you don’t have an electric vehicle yet? Easy! You can book a BYD test drive at your convenience.

BYD Drive The Wave

Surf & Sip

Join us for the next female-only surf session, followed by a drink at Three Blue Ducks on Friday 24th May, 6pm Progressive Turns on The Point and Surf In The Bays!

The Monthly Surf & Sip sessions are in a progessive and easy going environment with our awesome Girls Go URBNSURF Community.

Check out all of the dates and info below!

More Info

Enquire at the Hire Store!

That’s right! We can fix your dings.

Just swing in to Surf Rentals, drop off your board and we’ll do the rest.
It’s a 2-3 week turnaround and we’ll have you back surfing in the blue oasis in no time!

Drop in to Surf Rentals to enquire and have a chat with our friendly staff.

URBNSURF Clips By Flowstate

URBNSURF Clips by Flowstate films, edits, and organises every wave of every URBNSURF point session so you can easily find, save, and share your epic surfing moments with friends or even virtual coaches.

All you need to do to get started is head to video.urbnsurf.com/melbourne, create an account, find your session using the session finder tool, select yourself in the lineup, and check out your clips. It’s that easy!

Why not share the stoke on social media, don’t forget to tag @FLOWSTATE_ZONE @URBNSURF

Check your Clips!

Roller Lesson

Dedicated lessons for surfers new to the point!

The ‘Roller’ Wave type is designed for surfers who want to move past the ‘Beginner Progressive’ lesson and start their transition out to the point.

Also great for those who have found the Cruiser wave take off a little too steep, and perfect for those who want to improve their pop up, paddle strength and technique.

Roller Lesson

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