We’re building Australia’s first surf parks to help you surf more perfect waves, more often.

Our Story

Surfing is an iconic Australian sport and pastime, offering an attractive lifestyle, with millions of active participants. But surfing is challenging!

Typically you needed an ocean, and the elements to align (swell, tide, winds, daylight) to score good, let alone perfect waves. And if you want to learn, or are chasing surf, you have to commit time to driving to a coast, checking multiple spots, and be willing to battle crowds at popular breaks. There’s also the risk of marine hazards, including rips, the cold, and hungry monsters of the deep. So what’s the solution?

URBNSURF parks, providing perfect, ocean-like waves in an authentic, safe and controlled environment, catering to all ages and abilities.

URBNSURF Melbourne is now open at 309 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine, and URBNSURF Sydney at Sydney Olympic Park is coming next in 2022.

Our goal is to develop world-class urban surfing locations around Australia, to help everyone to #surfmore.

Who we are

URBNSURF was born in 2012 after our Founder, Andrew Ross, visited Wavegarden’s R&D centre near San Sebastian, Spain. He was blown away by the perfect, consistent and customisable waves being produced among the Pyrenees mountains, miles from the coast.

Recognising the opportunity for surf parks in Australia (which has the highest per capita surfing participation rate in the world), we acquired exclusive rights to Wavegarden technology – including their next-generation Cove design – and have been working towards building Australia’s first urban surf parks (hence the name) ever since.

URBNSURF is a proudly Australian company, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Our Vision

To create natural, honest and inclusive surfing environments where memorable experiences are created, and where our guests and staff have fun, get stoked, keep fit and feel part of a community that shares their passion and respect for surfing, the ocean, others and our planet.

Our Mission

To build and operate world-class surf parks in Australia that deliver high quality waves and authentic surfing experiences for new and existing surfers of all ages, experience and ability.

Our Values


We welcome guests of all types and get them beyond stoked!


We take personal responsibility for our own, and our guests’ well-being.


We respect, help and support each other in achieving a common goal.


We think big and celebrate new ideas, change and adaptability.


What we say, we do, and do it well.

Current Locations


Tullamarine, 3043

Located just 5 minutes from Melbourne airport and 23 minutes from Melbourne CBD, Australia’s first-ever surf park is now open at 309 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine.

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Olympic Park, 2127

Located just 13 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, URBNSURF Sydney will be accessible to over 2 million Sydney residents in under 30 minutes at Sydney Olympic Park, Australia’s home of Olympic sport.

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Careers at URBNSURF

Want to ride the next big wave in surfing? We’re always looking for motivated, charismatic and passionate individuals to jump in with us.

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