We’re building Australia’s first surf parks in Melbourne and Sydney to help you surf more perfect waves, more often.

Our Story

Surfing is an iconic Australian pastime. It’s in our DNA. But surfing has been limited to coastal locations, daylight hours, and by the need for weather elements to align to create decent conditions. Until now.

URBNSURF is revolutionising surfing in Australia by designing, developing and operating world-class surf parks that will make the joys of surfing more convenient, safe and accessible than ever before.

Harnessing Wavegarden’s next-generation Cove technology, URBNSURF surf parks will be capable of pumping out up to 1,000 high-quality, ocean-like waves every hour. Ridden by surfers across multiple surfing zones, the waves we’ll create can be customised to suit different abilities – from first-timers through to elite athletes.

With two projects already under development in Melbourne and Sydney, URBNSURF is aiming to develop ten world-class surf parks in Australia over the next decade.

Who we are

URBNSURF was formed after our Founder, Andrew Ross, visited Wavegarden’s R&D centre near San Sebastian, Spain in 2012. He was blown away by the perfect, consistent waves being produced among the mountains, miles from the coast.

After surfing more waves in a single session than he’d had in the previous six months, and recognising the opportunity for surf parks in Australia (which has the highest per capita surfing participation rate in the world), Andrew acquired the rights to Wavegarden technology, and has been working towards building Australia’s first urban surf parks (hence the name) ever since.

URBNSURF is proudly an Australian, private-equity backed company with offices in Tullamarine and Sydney. We’re a team of lifelong surfers who are excited to be building next-generation surf parks in our backyard. And we’re stoked on helping people to surf more, and to surf better.

Our Vision

To create natural, honest and inclusive surfing environments where memorable experiences are created, and where our guests and staff have fun, get stoked, keep fit and feel part of a community that shares their passion and respect for surfing, the ocean, others and our planet.

Our Mission

To build and operate world-class surf parks in Australia that deliver high quality waves and authentic surfing experiences for new and existing surfers of all ages, experience and ability.

Our Values

“Respect Is Everything”

We’re respectful of surfing’s rich heritage, the diversity of people who run to the water with a board under their arm, and our precious oceans that make wave riding possible.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

We’re proudly Australian, and like to think we represent the best parts of our culture – being multicultural, egalitarian and friendly. We’re united by our love of surfing, and our support for each other. Fairness, honesty and commitment are the foundations of our shared success.

“Think radical, be radical”

We’re inspired by surfing, and employ passion and creativity to deliver consistently mind-blowing experiences to our guests, every day. We’re socially progressive, embrace positive change, and firmly believe that eve the most crazy, radical ideas are possible.

“Be a force for good”

Riding waves brings us together, and we share the goal of leaving the world a better place than the one we inherited. By being mindful of our economic, cultural and environmental impact (and taking action where required), we ensure that we’re a force for good in society.



Tullamarine, 3043

We’re building Australia’s first surf park, and the world’s first full-sized Wavegarden Cove, on Airport Drive, Tullamarine to help Victorian residents and visitors #surfmore

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Olympic Park, 2127

Located just 13 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, URBNSURF Sydney will be accessible to over 2 million Sydney residents in under 30 minutes at Sydney Olympic Park, Australia’s home of Olympic sport.

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Careers at URBNSURF

Want to ride the next big wave in surfing? We’re on the hunt for motivated, charismatic and passionate individuals to jump on board.

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