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About Roller Lessons

Dedicated lessons for surfers new to the point.

Your Lesson kicks off 30 minutes prior to the session. This is the land-based component with important skills to prepare before hitting the waves!

Face Height


Ride Length

12-16 seconds.

Waves Per Lesson

Around 10-12 per surfer.

Group Size

Up to 18 guests, 6 guests per coach

Suitable for

The ‘Roller’ Wave type is designed for surfers who want to move past the ‘Beginner Progressive’ lesson and start their transition out to the point. Great also for those who have found the Cruiser wave take off a little too steep. Perfect for those who want to improve their pop up, paddle strength and technique.

Safety Overview

Please ensure that you have watched the safety video and completed your waiver before arriving. Please arrive 45 minutes before your session.

The water depth in The Bays is up to 1.2 metres deep, there are currents moving throughout the lagoon. We recommend anyone under the age of 10 to have a Surf Buddy in the water.

Learning the roller surf

Structured Lessons

Led by our friendly, expert coaches, our 1 hour and 45 minute cruiser surf lessons include 30 minutes of on-land practice and warm up exercises, 1 hour of in-the-water surfing time and tailored instruction at The Point, followed by 15 minutes to warm down and discuss your lesson outcomes.

Lesson Dedicated to The Point

Our Roller lessons dedicate the whole point to a lesson to create a supportive learning environment and also have up to 3 coaches in the water to help you navigate the point. 

Gear Included

Our Roller surf lessons include complimentary softboard and wetsuit hire, if you have your own hardboard, we encourage our students to bring it along. Otherwise, one of our friendly Hire Store staff can help you find a hardboard at an additional cost.

Access to Amenities

When you book a Roller surf lesson, you’ll also receive all-day access to URBNSURF Melbourne’s amenities, including parking, hot tubs, changerooms, landscaped spaces, and a free locker to store your valuables.


You must arrive 45 minutes prior to your lesson

Your Lesson kicks off 30 minutes prior to the session. This is the land-based component with important skills to prepare before hitting the waves!

Roller Lessons

From $119

Develop your skills and progress your surfing!

Our 1 hour and 45 minute Roller Lessons include softboard and wetsuit hire, a 30 minute briefing, land practice and warm up, 1 hour surfing The Point under the guidance of an expert coach, and 15 minutes to warm down and recap.

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3X Roller / Cruiser / Intermediate Lessons

From $348

Get 10% off the weekday price of roller/cruiser/intermediate surf lessons when you buy a multipack of 3x lessons. No frills, just good times.

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Surf Progression
5 Week Program

Our Learn To Surf – Beginner, Learn To Surf – Beginner Progressive, Roller, Cruiser, Progressive Turns and Intermediate Programs include morning, afternoon or evening lessons with the same coach, at the same time each week.

Includes 5 x 1 hour and 45 minute group surf lesson, including 2 hour board and wetsuit hire.

Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your session time

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Cruiser Surf Sessions

Feeling confident? To reinforce the skills you acquire during your Roller Lesson, try one of our Cruiser Sessions. Running daily at The Point, our Cruiser Sessions are perfect for cruising on a softboard, longboard, mini-mal or fish!

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