About Advanced Turns Lessons

Personalised Lessons for Advanced Surfers

In an Advanced Turns lesson you’ll refine precision turns and dynamic transitions, learning to harness the wave’s energy to execute sharp cutbacks and powerful off-the-lip maneuvers, ultimately enhancing your ability to navigate and carve through waves with unparalleled control and finesse!

Your Lesson kicks off 30 minutes prior to the session. This is the land-based component with important skills to prepare before hitting the waves!

The Wave

Offering high-octane turns waves at The Point, choose from learning on the right or left.

Face Height


Ride Length

12-16 seconds.

Surf Level

You currently surf the main break in your area as often as you can. You catch several waves a session and are comfortable in a variety of ocean conditions.

Waves per lesson

Around 10-12 per surfer.

Group Size

Max. 6 per lesson.

Suitable for

Advanced surfers who confidently surf on hybrid or performance boards and can currently perform a range of major maneuvers. They will be introduced to variation in turn length, type and timing and when to apply them. For suitable guests they may also introduce the execution of a planned sequence of major maneuvers with increased intensity, control and speed.

Safety Overview

Please ensure that you have watched the safety video and completed your waiver before arriving. Please arrive 45 minutes before your session.

Learning Advanced Turns

Structured Lessons

Led by our friendly, expert coaches, our 1 hour and 45 minute Advanced Turns surf lessons include 30 minutes of on-land practice and warm up exercises, 1 hour of in-the-water surfing time and tailored instruction at The Point, followed by 15 minutes to warm down and discuss your lesson outcomes.

Small Classes

Our group Advanced Turns lessons have a maximum of 6 participants per instructor to ensure that you get plenty of time with your coach. For 1-on-1 instruction, try one of our private Advanced Turns lessons.

Gear Included

Our Advanced Turns surf lessons include complimentary softboard and wetsuit hire, if you have your own hardboard, we encourage our students to bring it along. Otherwise, one of our friendly Hire Store staff can help you find a hardboard at an additional cost.


Access to Amenities

When you book an Advanced Turns surf lesson, you’ll also receive all-day access to URBNSURF Sydney’s amenities, including parking, leisure pool, changerooms, landscaped spaces, and a free locker to store your valuables.

Extra Safety

To ensure everyone’s safety, we’re offering free Simba helmets for use during all surf sessions, and surf guides will be in the water with you to provide tips and supervision.



With each Advanced Turns surf lesson, you’ll get:

Expert Coaching

Our friendly Surf Coaches provide personalised tuition to help you enhance your skills and technique – fast.

Perfect Waves, Limited Crowds

Surf perfect waves designed to help you learn safely, easily and quickly, with a maximum of 6 surfers per lesson.

Board & Wetsuit Hire

Single session softboard and wetsuit hire is included in your lesson, which you can extend to all-day if you have more sessions booked!

Spectator Pass

Your all-day Spectator Pass gives you access to URBNSURF Sydney’s amenities, including Surf Side Lawns, leisure pool and more.


Get changed and freshen up in our changerooms, and enjoy post-surf hot showers.


Your wristband is your key to URBNSURF – it’ll give you access to the park and the lagoon.


The first 2-hours in the URBNSURF carpark is free, plus we have bike racks, and there are public transport options too!

Complimentary Locker Hire

Enjoy complimentary Locker Hire all day at URBNSURF Sydney.


Advanced Turns Lessons

Execute major maneuvers with increased intensity and precision!

Our 1 hour and 45 minute Advanced Turns Lessons include board and wetsuit hire, a 30 minute briefing, land practice and warm up, 1 hour surfing The Point under the guidance of an expert coach, and 15 minutes to warm down and recap.

Your Lesson kicks off 30 minutes prior to the session. This is the land-based component with important skills to prepare before hitting the waves!

Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your lesson commencement!

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Point Coaching 3 Pack

Available to use for coaching on The Point for Cruiser, Progressive Turns, Intermediate, Advanced Turns and Advanced. Does not include Expert coaching.
Valid for 6 months.

Surf More & Score!

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