Lagoon Logistics

Written by URBNSURF   |   September 6, 2019

When we designed URBNSURF Melbourne, our goal was to create epic waves and deliver world-class experiences to surfers of all abilities. Across our two-hectare lagoon, we’ve got three distinct surfing zones.

Insides is the first, located closest to our shoreline. It’ll offer gentle, knee-high, rolling whitewater waves, perfect for first-timers who want to get up and riding (fast), and for beginner surfers looking to build up their balance and confidence.

Our intermediate waves  (to be named once wet commissioning is complete) are located in the middle of our lagoon. They’ll offer waist-high, green-faced waves, breaking both right and left, that will allow intermediate surfers to progress and practice turns, cutbacks and other manoeuvres. They’ll also be the spots to muck around and have fun on a softboard, bodyboard or finless!

Our advanced waves (also to be named once wet commissioning is complete) are located right out the back of our lagoon. They’re our largest, longest and most challenging waves. With a maximum capacity of 18 surfers per hour on the Right, and 18 on the Left, each surfer will score at least 12-15 flawless, world-class waves per session. Thanks to the modular nature of our wave generator, Roary, our sections can be customised to create barrels, open-faced walls, steep ramps and tight pockets so you can push your surfing and have a blast. Once you kick out, a gentle current will carry you back out to the take-off spot, to go again. And again. And again.

Irrespective of where you are on your surfing journey, there’s a wave for you at URBNSURF – so come and join us for a surf later this year, catch a few waves with your mates, and get stoked!