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Ready For Waves

Written by URBNSURF   |   October 8, 2019

We’ve filled our lagoon,
and we’re ready for first waves.

Four days. That’s all it took to fill our slice of paradise in Tullamarine. The fill started late on a Friday evening, after our dedicated crew had spent weeks testing, inspecting and cleaning our massive, 22,000 square metre Wavegarden Cove lagoon.

We cheered on as the valves were cracked and the first water entered our lagoon. Expecting the fill to take the better part of 7 days, we slept soundly, and dreamed of perfect waves.

“But by mid-Saturday morning, the channel was already full, and water was spilling over the bank edge of the Reefs (our advanced waves) and into the Peaks (our intermediate waves).”

Our development and facilities teams worked around the clock, monitoring the flow rate of the water, checking essential equipment, moving hoses and keeping the lagoon in a pristine state.

The rapid changes in weather, water depth and winds were astounding to observe. We quickly learned which winds would create offshore conditions, and just how bright it will be to surf at night under lights. Most days ended in dramatic sunsets and late afternoon glass-offs, giving us a taste of what after-work sessions will be like this Summer.

“By Monday evening the water was lapping the shoreline, and on Tuesday we shut off the valves, and the lagoon was still. Ready for waves.”

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be working closely with Wavegarden to ramp up from ripples, to runners, to reeling tubes. It’s a highly technical, considered process, and it’s not something we’ll rush.

Once we’ve achieved full-height waves, Wavegarden’s founder and inventor, Josema, will begin loading our wave menu (we’re starting with 16 wave types, ranging from heart-in-your-mouth barrels to peeling pointbreak-style walls) and fine tuning the generator to produce perfect waves, minutes from Melbourne Airport.

To our loyal, patient fans – thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to welcome you for a surf with us soon. We’re still accepting registrations to #surfitfirst, and we’ll be announcing our lucky test pilots next month. For all the latest news, and to see the first waves breaking at URBNSURF Melbourne, sign up at www.urbnsurf.com.

URBNSURF Melbourne is now open at 309 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine to help you #surfmore.
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