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It’s Pumping

Written by URBNSURF   |   October 25, 2019

Our lagoon has come to life,
and it’s pumping in Tullamarine.

Once our lagoon was filled, and waves were weeks away, the wait was torturous. When we saw crystal-clear water radiate in the sunshine, or glass-off in the late afternoon, mind-surfing was inevitable. We spent hours debating the potential. Where and how will it break? How big will the waves be? What’s the take-off like? Will it barrel?

We witnessed the first glimpses of bold, barrelling perfection just a week after filling. Three Basque engineers touched down at Melbourne Airport, and promptly launched into commissioning Roary, our wave generator. After initial checks were completed, it was time to test the machine, first at low torque, then medium, then full.

“In the space of a few hours, thousands upon thousands of waves cranked out in Tullamarine. While trucks and taxis flew by, we were mesmerised by the waves breaking just beyond Airport Drive. And we ached to see the first wave types loaded into our menu.”

Tubos, aptly named by the Spanish, reminds us of barrelling, low-tide Snapper on the right, or Macaronis on the left. Giros I and Giros II, two performance turns waves, offer multiple sections for carves, snaps and cutbacks – designed for intermediate surfers wanting to practice and hone their skills. Malibu, a gentle, peeling greenwater wave, will be perfect for learners and beginners who want to get up and riding (fast), gain confidence, and have a blast.

Programming sets and creating sessions is a breeze. Waves can be created with the push of a button. Our advanced software allows us to program different combinations of wave types, with height, power, wave period and waves per set all within our control. Wave playlists.

“Spotify for surfing? Welcome to the future.”

But there’s still more work to do, much more. Wavegarden’s founder and inventor, Josema, is on his way to help us develop new waves, complete the menu, and give Roary some fine-tuning. Get ready, because the best is yet to come.

We’ll be announcing our lucky test pilots next month. If you haven’t already registered to #surfitfirst, it’s your last chance. We’re stoked to share footage of the first waves ridden in November, and we’re excited to welcome you for a surf with us in Summer 2020.

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URBNSURF Melbourne is now open at 309 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine to help you #surfmore.
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