Slash’n Sessions – Price Hacks Cheat Sheet

Here to Help You Save this Summer

Variable pricing at URBNSURF got you confused?

We brought in variable pricing in winter 2023 to provide customers with more pricing options across the wave schedule.

Slashin’ sessions is your cheat sheet for the price hacks at URBNSURF that can help make variable pricing work best for you and your surfing schedule.
This guide will point out three ways you can get Slash’n and catch thrills, not bills:
1. Get up to 44% off with a Membership
2. Enjoy great savings and flexibility with a Multipack – up to 35% off
3. Pray Plan for surf in the best value sessions of the schedule

Current Slash’n Offers!

Weekend Night Time Sessions Slash'd 30%

Friday & Saturday nights 

10pm & 11pm

Use the code UNDERLIGHTS to score 30% OFF Weekend Night sessions!

Book Night Slash’n

Mad Monday 30% Off

30% off Monday sessions to help you cure the Monday Blues!

Use the code MADMONDAY to score 30% Off ALL Monday Point Sessions.

Book Monday Surfing


Surf Obsessed?

Grab an URBNSURF Set of 4 or 5 sessions and score 20% off or 6 or more to score 30% off the whole lot!

    • Buy 4 or 5 sessions score = 20%
    • Buy 6 sessions score = 30%

20% discount automatically applied to 4 or 5 surfs in the cart, 30% discount applied to 6 or more surfs in the cart.
This offer is only available for a limited time, get in quick and #GetOutThere!

Terms and conditions

      • Available for all Point sessions, Point Coaching or Bays lessons of any type – including weekends
      • 5 week Program, Surf In The Bays and Boog In The Bays are excluded from the offer.
      • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion.
      • Available for online bookings only.
      • Bookings must be made in one transaction for discount to apply.
      • No bookings are changeable that are included as part of the bundle booking.

Book an URBNSURF Set!

FREE Left Point Coaching

FREE Surf Coaching on The Left

We have assigned an expert surf coach across the below Point Sessions on THE LEFT:

Monday – Friday
8am Progressive Turns
10am Progressive Turns & Intermediate

Score tips and tricks for FREE!


Price Hack #1:

Get up to 44% off with a Membership

Memberships are the best way to save and join our amazing URBNSURF community.
Members surf from $67 fixed-price, per surf (Gold Intermediate) and can use their priority booking window to cash them in on even the busiest sessions.

Gold Membership - Advanced

$74 per surf (up to 41% off)

50 surfs per year
Only $309 per month

More Info

Gold Membership - Cruiser / Intermediate

$67 per surf (up to 44% off)

50 surfs per year
Only $279 per month

More Info

Aqua Membership - Advanced

$79 per surfs (up to 37%)

25 surfs per year
Only $165 per month

More Info

Aqua Membership - Cruiser / Intermediate

$62 per surf (up to 40% off)

25 surfs per year
Only $149 per month

More Info

Price Hack #2:

Enjoy epic savings & flexibility with a Multipack

Can’t commit to monthly surfs? A multipack might have the flexibility you’re after, while still providing awesome valued, fixed-rate surfs.

Point 50, 20 & 10 packs

Surf from $79 (up to 34% off)

Use whenever you want
Valid for 12 months

More Info

Point 5 & 3 packs

Surf from $90 (up to 28% off)

Use whenever you want
Valid for 12 months

More Info

Point Coaching 3 packs

$126 per surf (up to 30% off)

Level-up your surfing game
Surf any session + coaching
Valid for 6 months

More Info

Bays Lesson 3 Packs

$93 per surf (up to 10% off)

Kick-start your surfing habit
Any lesson, any time
Valid for 6 months

More Info

Price Hack #3:

Pray Plan for surf in the best value sessions

URBNSURF is the only surf spot in Australia where you’re guaranteed to score perfect surf.
Casual surfers who plan their routines around our best value sessions get the best bang for their buck.
Best value sessions are not only cheaper, but generally less crowded, which means everyone in the water gets more waves.
You can discover exactly where the best value sessions are by visiting the current wave schedule page and looking for the fin icon. Check out our hot tips below:

Early Bird Sessions

Surf from $79

The early bird gets the sweet deals.
Beat the rush and spend peak hour in the lineup at URBNSURF.

Wave Schedule

Night Owl

Surf from $79

Get more out of your day – and your bank account.
There’s nothing quiet like a post-work surf under lights.

Wave Schedule

Mid-Week Magic

Surf from $79

Beat the start-of-the-work-week blues – and the crowds.
Bring your laptop and work (and surf) at URBNSURF.

Wave Schedule

Left Is Best

Surf from $79

It’s never been so good to be goofy – or heading to Indo.
Fewer people means more waves at epic prices.

Wave Schedule

Where the best value sessions are today:

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