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Surfing For Everyone

Written by URBNSURF   |    November 21, 2019

Offering perfect waves for beginners and intermediates in a safe, controlled environment.

It’s been a memorable few weeks out on Airport Drive, Tullamarine, as we’ve welcomed surfers of all abilities, and from all walks to life, to catch a few (thousand) perfect waves with us at URBNSURF Melbourne.

We worked closely with Wavegarden’s dream-team to create a range of advanced and expert waves, but we were equally stoked to develop our beginner and intermediate waves to help everyone #surfmore.

Our Waikiki-style settings, which generate gentle, rolling whitewater waves from The Point to The Bays, are designed to get new surfers comfortable in the water, find their feet on a softboard, and learn to pop-up and get riding.

We’ve also been working on our Malibu-style wave settings, which generate bigger, greenwater waves in The Point (reforming into whitewater in The Bays). They’re designed for confident beginners who want to practice popping-up, trimming, and doing basic turns. They’re also awesome for intermediates who want to carve on longboards, softboards, fishes and other craft while surfing with friends and family.

Together with our entry-level Giros (or “turns”) waves, our Malibu-style wave settings will feature in our intermediate surf sessions, held at The Point. Priced from $69 for adults ($79 on weekends) and $59 for children ($69 on weekends), our intermediate surf sessions will run for 1 hour in duration, and each rider will score around 10-12 waves when we’re fully booked – more if it’s less busy!

Our new pay-by-the-month memberships are now available, with only the first month to pay to secure your spot in the lineup.

Designed for skilled riders who want to #surfmore for less, our Gold Memberships include 50x advanced surf sessions per year – 4x per month to use anytime you like (subject to availability, use ‘em or lose ‘em each month), plus 2x extras to use on yourself, or gift to a friend if you’re feeling generous.

For maximum fun and flexibility, grab one of our Aqua Memberships. Available for both adults and children, our Aqua Memberships include 25x intermediate surf sessions per year – 2x per month to use anytime you like (subject to availability, use ‘em or lose ‘em each month), plus 1x extra. You can also upgrade your intermediate surf session(s) to an advanced slot whenever you like by paying the difference, or upgrade your Aqua Membership to a Gold Membership at any time.

All of our memberships include additional perks, including discounts, free URBNSURF Boardriders Club membership, members rates for URBNSURF Amateur Surf League competitions, and unlimited Spectator Pass access.

To find the membership for you, check out www.urbnsurf.com/melbourne/memberships.

Next week, we’ll be releasing our multipacks of 10x surf sessions and 3x group surf lessons, gift cards (give a surf this Christmas!), and in December we’ll be opening bookings for January 2020 and beyond.

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Get frothing, because the weather’s heating up, and Summer is just days away!