Intermediate Session


Perfect Rights & Lefts At The Point

The Wave

Offering playful low to mid-grade turns waves at The Point, choose from surfing the right or left. Perfect for having fun, carving turns and improving your surfing!

Face Height


Ride Length

12-16 seconds.

Waves Per Session

10 – 12 per surfer.


Surfer numbers capped on each side of The Point, so you score plenty of waves!

Suitable For

Intermediate surfers who have learned the basics, understand surfing etiquette, and can comfortably surf unassisted. You should be able to paddle, take-off, trim along the wave face, and safely dismount.

Surfing Intermediate Sessions

Fun, Friendly Waves

The wave settings that feature in our intermediate surf sessions are fun, friendly, and perfect for surfers looking to improve their surfing and have a blast. And if you’ve got skills, but just want to cruise? There’s no better place for a fish, softboard or finless.


Our state-of-the-art stadium sports lighting makes early morning and night surfing in Melbourne possible, running until 10pm in the Summer months.

Limited Crowds

To ensure high wave counts, surfer numbers are capped on each side of The Point, per session. Surfer priority is managed with a strict but fair one-at-a-time system – wait your turn, and when your wave comes, it’s yours.

Access To Amenities

When you book an intermediate surf session at The Point, you’ll also receive all-day access to URBNSURF Melbourne’s amenities, including parking, hot tubs, changerooms, landscaped spaces, and a free locker to store your valuables.


Intermediate Surf Sessions


Score an hour’s worth of perfect waves on our intermediate settings – rights or lefts – at The Point.

Numbers are capped on each side of The Point so each surfer scores around 10-12 waves per session

Priced at $69 for adults and $59 for children on weekdays, and $79 for adults and $69 for children on weekends and public holidays.

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Aqua Memberships


per month

Designed for surfers who want to #surfmore for less.

You’ll get 2x cruiser/intermediate sessions per month (plus 1x extra session to use yourself, or to gift to family or friends, each year), unlimited Spectator Pass entry, 10% off park wide and other Aqua perks.

Priced at $117 per month for adults, and $100 per month for children.

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10x Session Multipacks


Love surfing, flexibility and savings?

Grab a multipack of 10x cruiser/intermediate surf sessions and receive 10% off the weekday session price (but use anytime!). No frills, just good times.

Priced at $620 for adults, and $530 for children.

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Designed for intermediate surfers who want to enhance aspects of their surfing style and technique, and master the fundamental building blocks of performance surfing.

Our 1 hour and 45 minute intermediate group surf lessons include board and wetsuit hire, and cover wave entry, speed generation and improving your turns, snaps and cutbacks.

Priced at $99 for adults and $89 for children on weekdays, and $109 for adults and $99 for children on weekends and public holidays.

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Perfect Waves, Limited Crowds

Score around 10-12 waves per 1 hour intermediate surf session, with surfer numbers capped on each side of The Point.

Spectator Pass

Your all-day Spectator Pass gives you access to URBNSURF Melbourne’s amenities, including The Lawns, lagoonside hot tubs, day beds and more.


Get changed and freshen up in our heated changerooms, and enjoy post-surf hot showers.


We’ve got plenty of car parks and bike racks, and there are public transport options too!

Storage Locker

Keep your valuables safe while you surf.


Your wristband is your key to URBNSURF – it’ll give you access to the park, the lagoon and your locker.

Need Gear?

No problem. We're fully-equipped with everything you need to go surfing.

Surf Shop

Lagoon Supply Co. offers an awesome range of boards, wetsuits and surf hardware from leading brands, premium URBNSURF merch, surf essentials like wax and sunscreen, and sensational customer service. Discover all this at our surf shop! Located at the entrance to the park.

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Surf Rental

Whether you've forgotten your gear, travelled light to Tullamarine, or want to try that new board, wetsuit, fins or hardware before you buy, our Surf Rental's kitted out with everything you need to surf harder, better and faster at URBNSURF Melbourne.

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Want to improve your surfing style, and master the fundamental building blocks of performance surfing? Book in an Intermediate Lesson with one of our friendly, expert surf coaches at The Point, and get ready to rip. Priced from $99 for adults, $89 for children.

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UrbnSurf Boardriders

Launching in 2021

Formally recognised by Surfing Victoria, the URBNSURF Boardriders Club is the first of its kind in Australia, offering divisions for all crafts (shortboard, longboard and bodyboard) and ages (groms, juniors, opens and masters). Each season includes core clubrounds and speciality events, all held in our lagoon. Members will compete to take home glory and prizes, become a core part of our growing community, and make new friends to chase waves with. You in?

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