Surfing is an iconic Australian sport, enjoyed by millions of people for its unrivalled excitement, relaxed lifestyle, social culture and health benefits.
However, surfing is currently limited to specific coastal locations, daylight hours, and requires suitable ocean conditions, often making it inconvenient to surf and difficult to learn.

URBNSURF is revolutionising surfing in Australia by developing and operating world-class surf parks that will deliver incredible, safe and convenient surfing experiences in accessible locations around Australia.

Using Wavegarden’s patented Cove wave-generating technology, URBNSURF surf parks will be capable of producing up to 1,000 high quality, 2m high ocean-like waves every hour that will be ridden by surfers in 6 surfing zones contained within a custom designed 2.2 hectare surfing lagoon.

With projects already underway in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, URBNSURF is aiming to develop ten world-class surf parks in Australia over the next ten years.